yashica... yeah chic duh.

yashica... yeah chic duh.
so today was a good day. why? because i got me another new camera! this makes me happy. I'm  to learn medium format film, because i got such a great deal. also because i can. I'm finally going to learn how to process film on wednesday, so this weekend i'm going to maybe shoot a roll :)

let me just tell you bout my schedule this semester...

Contemporary Dance
3 Demensional Design
Art History
B&W Photography
Interactive Design
Personal Finance

even my not art related class is fun because i have friends in that class and the teacher is great! My life is really wonderful. I would be jealous if i weren't me. I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that i switched to graphic design. it was kinda a hard process to make the decision but i've never been so confident in answered prayers than i have through this. I know that the Lord is looking out for me, because i actually love all my classes.

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