life right now.

life right now.

Life has been so fast pace lately. i've been doing a lot of things to try and be a better designer/creative thinking. It's been a lot of avoiding time-wasting activities that don't involve looking at pretty things, so basically avoiding facebook and stalking designspiration and random wonderful tumblr sites. I've also found that the more i look at good design, i often start to get down on myself and wonder if i'll ever have the talent and creativity to really make it as a designer, thats why this quote was especially helpful. i heard it in church a few weeks ago, it really has reminded me that i need to be more grateful for what i have going for me.

also i read an article about happy people, so i took my favorite ones because i feel like i am generally a happy person and i felt like i could relate to them

Happy People:

refuse to hold judges
are kind to everyone
see problems as challenges
have big dreams
are grateful for what they already have
don't sweat the small stuff
speak well of others
are absorbed in the moment