would ya look at that.

would ya look at that.

jacket- H&M // shirt--gap // sweater tights--soel // shoes--somewhere in london

I'm a habitual overachiever.

this week i got the worst score on a test than i've ever received in my life. my ego didn't like that. but my ego is dumb and needs to stop feeling so entitled. i spent the weekend doing a lot of things for me. i may not have a boyfriend, and yeah sometimes that sucks (in a ugh-its-cold-out-and-all-i-want-to-do-right-now-is-cuddle kind of way), but it's kind of nice to just spend some time on myself. So saturday night was not a wildly romantic date night with a perfect combination of joseph gordon-Levitt and ryan gosling. but rather a double feature movie night with me, myself, and i, while designing stuff i finally actually like.

it felt good.

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