15 things I know thanks to 2012.

15 things I know thanks to 2012.
dress: vintage // tights: target // shoes: scotland

(1) good photography involves knowledge, and people generally want you to succeed. it also takes some spine, sometimes you just have to say "no, i will not take pictures on any train tracks"

(2) it seems like everyone you know is either getting engaged or going on missions, they are.

(3) upon visiting home, you will always get the "are you dating anyone" question. they will assume the answer has changed every time you visit. it's won't, it's always "naaah single as per usual, but i'm loving it and loving my major!"

(4) Every time your attractived to a boy you will automatically worry that he may in fact be gay. this is because you're attracted to well dressed men. don't fret, the ones you've got your eyes on usually like girls...just not usually you.

(5) speaking of all those well dressed men.... they all know each other somehow. it could be coincidental but its more likely that all well-dressed semi-artsy men in provo are involved in a secret society.

(6) the better you are about watching what you eat, the better you feel. and the more you'll go up to you roommates, pull up your shirt and say "look how skiiiiiiinny i am!"

(7) gilmore girls is still the best show you ever became obsessed with.

(8) working three jobs is bad idea. but working 5 hours a week is fiscally a much worse idea.

(9) you have a mad case of wanderlust. and europe is a fairytale, one with lots of museums. also don't look at anyone on the tube directly, it pops their personal bubble and makes you rude and creepy.

(10) just because he's cute, doesn't mean he's interesting.

(11) you are obnoxious. somehow you still have lots of friends. it will baffle you forever.

(12) you'll learn a great deal of patience, you'll serve those who annoy you and then realized they aren't that bad. aka you'll finally begin to understand charity.

(13) you are a dog person.

(14) sometimes kissing for no good reason is fun, and sometimes thats precisely what takes the fun out of it.

(15) your family is literally the coolest family on earth.

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