eyefone dump.

eyefone dump.
so mems how i got an iphone. i suppose that means it's acceptable to use it as a camera when i don't bring my real camera anywhere. so here is a photodump of my life as of late. please enjoy. or don't and say you did. but in anycase leave a comment because i'm a sucker for those thingys :)
time to breath, eat, drink, and be inspired
i fixed the buttons on this shirt and had a good hair day...unwarrented frown.
kladescope photography/outfit i was proud of but had no one to take the photo...
hanging out with aaron, a dear reminder that sometimes old boyfriends make the best of friends
my brother made this t shirt for me for christmas, and my new roommate made us pasta from scratch. 

last day in spokane, perfectly perfect.

my best friend got engaged!!!

went snowboarding for the first time in 6 years, loved it so much. thinking of getting a season pass someday

airport rendezvous 


good indications that my life is awesome.. a best friend and a backyard :)