Hello life, you're swell.

Hello life, you're swell.

Today Taylor and I made a stop motion film for his advertising application. Twas an adventure and resulted in an impromptu dance party to celebrate finishing. go us.

Life is pretty much awesome right now, i feel like should be impromptu dancing always and forever. I'm so in love with my classes. I sit through my graphic design classes and just feel so motivated to create beauty. Gaaahh i just love it. I feel pretty lucky to be so excited about school. I'm so excited for this semester and that comes with a lot of nerves. I'm applying to the BFA program in April, and it's kinda a big deal. I'm trying to do everything in my power to make the BFA a reality for me and i think just maybe i might be able to get in.

On top of the inspiration and excitement i feel during some of my classes I'm gaining this inner confidence and i'm starting to believe thats it's pretty contagious because i just talked myself out of a ticket 37 minutes ago and i'm actually going on dates all the sudden! it also could be due to the fact that every other girl i know is going on a mission so men in provo just have less options...suckas! but regardless, it's been nice. I feel like this is what my twenties are supposed to be all about! Dating different guys and having fun and moving continuously forward to my dreams. I like this spot in my life. I like that i go to bed with a big smile in my heart.

staahhpp life you're too good to me. :)

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