a series of pictures of me looking like a tool.

a series of pictures of me looking like a tool.
it's been a while since i've done an outfit post, and the sun was shining and it's still kind of my birthday so i figured WHY THE HECK NOT. especially since Hayley have me this FANTASTIC cardigan for my birthday. the colors on it are so great, after i took the pictures i realized you couldn't see the maroon back...i'm the worst. picture it for me okay?

anyways, i got these pants yesterday whilst shopping with allie before my SURPRISE birthday party (read below). oh my lanta that was just the cutest thing

cardigan: UO // tank and pants: f21 // necklace: target // shoes: steven madden

So i got these shoes from my good friend Tonya at the Moptop a few years ago when i did some photos for her, and i never wore them cause i wasn't a huge fan of the laces, but then i decided to replace the laces with some black silky ribbion. best move ever. i instantly love them at least 759097 times more.

i genuinely hope you are all having a wonderful day, because you deserve it!