Allie's Bridal Shower

Allie's Bridal Shower
So i didn't get all pinteresty or anything for Allie's bridal shower, but Melissa and I made some delicious food to celebrate her pending nuptials. Sometimes i feel like i'm the one getting married haha, i'm the maid of honor, photographer, and designer... i essentially am the wedding. ha jokes.

 it's a good time, but mostly it's my ploy to make her spend as much as i can before she falls off the earth into newlywed land and moves away.

it's a strange thing. i don't feel old enough for all my friends to be getting married, and yet i feel like it's completely natural that so many are. It's a strange place in life, like i'm almost grown up. I like this place, it's an interesting place to explore.

anyways... to the pictures!


some of the girls had to leave early, but we did manage to get a group picture with most of the guests! :)

one of the games we played was "Nielson Lingo Bingo" because Allie started saying weird words whens he started dating Ty last year. we used those words and she explained how to use them in a sentence, so we consider it a learning experience!