Allie and Ty // Wedding Day!

Allie and Ty // Wedding Day!
Allie is my best friend, you've probably seen her alot on this blog if you've been following me for a while. if not let me just give you the low down on her. she's beautiful, compassionate, and funny. she's one of the few people whose advice i literally crave. our minds are essentially the same, so it's wonderful. I was her maid of honor, and her photographer, so it was a busy busy day! i brought my dear roommate Brooke to be a second shooter for the pictures that i was supposed to be in, it actually turned out to work out splendidly!

there are a LOT of pictures, but if you like them, comment below! :)





Dress // Nephi Garcia
Suit // H&M
Vest //  Thrifted
Pocket Watch // thrifted
Flowers // Tina Nielson
Cake // Angela Haaga
Centerpieces // DIY (Ty Nielson)

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