may is for floral prints and shorts.

may is for floral prints and shorts.

shirt:f21 // shorts & shoes: thrifted

Three paragraphs that have little to do with eachother:

i'm going home next week and i'm way excited because that means visits to my favorite thrift stores! i'm starting to see the reality of a student budget...combined with the incessant urge to finally invest in a full frame shopping budget is next to nothing right now. But you know what? having limits foster creativity more than anything, so i say bring it on!

it's a weird transition right now. I just got through the most stressful/anxiety-inducing/sleep-deprived design-monkey week of my life and now i have free time. like real free time... like so much that i can't even figure out what to do with myself. i've been reading. READING GUYS! . i forget how much i love reading. oh before i forget, anybody got some reading suggestions?

springtime seems to have entered quietly and full of magic. sun out, windows down, taylor swift at the top of our lungs kind of magic. I made a bucket list of the summer months and i fully intend to blissfully spend the next four months in pursuit of adventure. Also, i promise to keep y'all included in said adventures because i've missed the blogger world!

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