whoa, are those heels on my feet?

whoa, are those heels on my feet?

shirt: athropologie // pants: f21 //  shoes: nordstrom (vince camuto)

I call these my "boyfriend pants" because they go from a nice slim skinny fit to a loose boyfriend fit as soon as i put them on after dryer time. it's remarkable really. Also this was my first attempt to use a remote to take my outfit photos, and what i mean by that is that my remote blows and i ended up ditching to use a self timer and comically run back and forth into the frame and pray i was in focus. it was a production. i need a better remote/better camera. all in due time i suppose.

Today has been one for the books. and by the books i mean my journal... my heart is in a thousand different places and i'm struggling to feel as put together as i normally am. I am jumbled and feeling like i'm the furthest thing from eloquent. I need to contemplate.

Also i have an interview on tuesday for a job i really want, wish me luck/pray for me please :)