because when you're bunning it, you just can't take life seriously

because when you're bunning it, you just can't take life seriously
Sometimes, okay maybe most the time, i have a habit of hamming it up in front of this here camera. There are just times when you know that you simply can not do a serious model shot. Those are also the times where you think it's okay to throw your curly hair up and decided that bunning it is a perfectly acceptable hairstyle for the day. i obviously have no idea what i'm doing in the fashion blog world with poses like this, but hey i'll take what i can get.  i apologize for having so many pictures up, i never know where to draw the line with fashion posts, some of these were just too funny not to show you. how much is too much Emma?! I might never know. anwayzzz:

dress: gap // belt: thrifted // shoes: salt water sandals

10 Things That Make Me Smile Pretty:
 (1) The air of adventure that summer has brought into my life
 (2) The way my hair looked all hardcore and awesome before chlorine attacked and made it some weird pastel pink ombre #imissbeingabrunette #thatexplainsthestringyblondeinthebun #someonetakemetocosmoproofasap
(3) ONO snow cones. so far its the best i've had so far, Colemans mission buddy runs it and suggested a secret cone called "Prom Night" it was sooooooo gooood. we went back on a late night snow cone run yesterday and were so sad when it was closed :(
(4) Listening to my homegurl brooke sing. she's way too good
(5) Finally having a little more girl time with said homegurl this week
(6) Getting my ish together and taking my butt to the temple
(7) Remembering how much more comfortable dresses/skirts are than pants.
(8) Free orange chicken at panda express yesterday (i rarely every eat fast food, but when it's free and i'm hungry and lost my wallet, i'll take it)
(9) Super patient boyfriend helping me look for previously mentioned lost wallet despite my melancholy and anxious mood
(10) a morning with no alarm clocks, no work, no obligations--just sleep.

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