"have a great turbo tastic sunday funday!"

"have a great turbo tastic sunday funday!"

Our friend Tess came up for the weekend and we were determined to show her that Utah is actually pretty neat sometimes. this time of year is perfectly crafted for adventure. I simply CAN NOT handle how much fun yesterday was. truly one for the books. After church we made lunch (cause we want to impress Tess and pretend we're always cool peoples) had a quick food coma then headed out to explore this beautiful place. We decided to head up to Stewart Falls up in Sundace because it's an incredible hike. Coleman and I did that hike a few weeks ago but on the way back it was dark and stormy so i couldn't focus to hard on much more than not peeing my pants (so what, i'm a pansy. whatcha gonna do about it). It was probably twice as pretty, we stayed there twice as long and took 899530 more photos.  Tess gave us a great example of Texan hospitality by offering fellow hikers really enthusiastic salutations.

The earth is seriously incredible. We figured it was a perfectly acceptable sunday activity because nothing says "there is a loving God" than looking at his creations. Afterwards we drove up to Squaw Peak to show Tess why we love our mountains so much (don't get ideas kids, no kissing was involved in this excursion!) We took more pictures, had heartier laughs and made stupider jokes.

we then went back to Kimball and Coleman's house and had a quick game night with some other friends and yeti's then packed Coleman's truck (the original red yeti) full of pillows, blankets, and friends. We drove out to the pier at utah lake! i fell asleep in a heartbeat but it was still so fun!

i'm seriously so blessed lately. i have the greatest friends, the best laughs, and just the luckiest life.

disclaimer: i just realized that this post makes it
 look as thought Tess and Kimball are in love. 
they aren't dating. just two goofy friends 
who have the misfortune of hanging out with 
me and my camera :)

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