Jackson Hole wyoming, Take II

Jackson Hole wyoming, Take II
Like i mentioned earlier, i went on a last minute road trip to wyoming this last weekend. I showed ya some of the film photos (which were honestly my favorite) but  of course, I HAVE MORE. you suckers get to stalk my weekend all over again. It was a weekend of no make up, Holy-Cow-That-Looks-Like-A-Painting sights, and massive amounts of fun. Here is a photo dump. ready go.

^^ we slept under the stars next to this lodge, then inside it. you know... variety and stuff.

^^ the trip was primarily so the boys could bike, so this was a heavenly sight 

^^wait is he here to model or bike?

^^ the little pup, Storm, was easily cold, and i'm always willing to cuddle

^^ this is Lucy. she's absolutely adorable and we had so much fun giggling and playing while the boys were out biking. 
^^Marcel made a mean stir fry in his wok for us. I mean seriously it was so good.

^^ after church, sunday was spent mostly in here. aka heaven on earth

^^we couldn't help it... we're just too good at hipster poses.

^^marcels first change of clothes on the trip..

alright, i'm hoping my next post to be about fashion or something, and then it might actually be interesting for ya. all i know is this is a real good time and i'm a real lucky girl.

Emma Out.

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