Why do y'all have to be so rad?

Why do y'all have to be so rad?
^^^ rocking the head scarf again because it' works like magic and my hair is secretly disgusting

This is my "you internet people are neat!" face. A resounding  THANK YOU to all those who commented yesterday. (confession time: i LIVE for comments. i refresh blogger aaaallll the time looking for them. it's fine, i'm crazy). I replied to all of them because i super value your imput! It's really quite wonderful that there is a cool little blogger community willing to chat about stuff like this. I mean it's pretty awesome that by putting my insecurities and random thoughts on the internet, awesome strangers and friends have empathy for them. I think its rough starting this journey of authenticity. It requires vulnerability which is something i struggle with showing. Though i think what will be hardest is to stick with this process. Its a conscious decision everyday to be happy and honest with myself and others. I'm going to be more willing to admit when i'm sad or unhappy or inadequate because a lot of the time i refuse to acknowledge those feelings.

I suppose it's a somewhat ambiguous goal--to be authentic, and perhaps thats the beauty in it.

so tell me, how do i do it? no wait... tell me: how do you do it?