Floral pants... and a gun?

Floral pants... and a gun?

shirt: old navy // pants & shoes: gap // modeling skillz: i got it from my momma

 i'll admit this much, when i put together this outfit, i did not know that later that evening i would be holding a 12 gauge shotgun in the middle of nowhere in the prettiest of light. i think my new bright pink flats really bring out the bada$$ in me. and by that i mean, WHO DOESN'T SHOOT IN FLORAL PANTS AND PINK FLATS. exactly. you're jealous, it's cool i totally get it. 

but wait. can we talk about this outfit? cool cause we're going to. THESE PANTS. these pants have been haunting me at every Gap i've been to in the past week and a half (that includes fashion place, city creek, spokane valley, etc) and then BAM. when i was shopping in downtown spokane last week i saw them. they were sitting there. in the Gap.. with a "Take an Additional 40% off" sign right above it and i just about died... but then i din't get my hopes up.. cause i haven't seen them in my size yet. i peruse them and then WHUT. SRSLY. yes. my size. $9.97. so when all was said and done, i got those pants right there for about 5 bones. BEST THING EVER.  also those shoes were about $4 that same Gap trip. 

i'm a Gapaholic and i'm not even mad about it.