guacamole everyday please.

guacamole everyday please.
If you've ever met me in person, then you probably know that I have a mild obsession with guacamole. Well actually maybe just with avacados in general. I made a pretty good avacado pasta, but mostly i make a MEAN mango guacamole. Seriously it's so delicious, not to toot my own horn, but I can't even handle it. So i figured i'd give you the "recipe" (i'm not really sure if you could call it a recipe since i just kinda throw it together....)

These are the ingredients, and also this is NOT the correct ratio of the ingredients. I just laid them out pretty and stuff, cause i'm mental. it's cool...

This makes a pretty large bowl, but don't worry... you WILL eat it all. or you'll find people totally willing to help... or you can call me up and i will devour it for you.

3-4 avacados (if they are big avacados, 3 will totally do)
1 Mango, minced
1/4-1/2 Red Onion, chopped. (i usually put 1/4, but feel free to experiment)
1/2-1 Lime, squeezed (last time i made this i squeezed a full lime, and i think it added more flavor)
1 TBSP of Garlic, minced.

mash the avacado, add the ingredients--it's pretty simple


also here is a tip for making you're guac last another day, when putting in in the fridge, put saran wrap directly on the guacamole so there is no air. this, along with the lime in the recipe, will help your guacamole not turn brown.

PLEASE MAKE IT AND INVITE ME TO YOUR HOMES TO EAT THIS. <-- not sure if that was too far, don't care. whutevs. i should stop typing now. okay, Emma out.