Totes Haps Births 'Merica

Totes Haps Births 'Merica
Well this years fourth of July was quite a bit different than last year. So much has changed! but luckily this year was all bout 'Merica

When it comes to having the fourth of july spirit, Provo is ALL OVER THAT ISH.  my celebrations started july 3rd by joining  a massive group of bicylists. People were camping out for the parade the next day, and so the streets were crowded with patriotic schloobs. it was awesome. The bike gang took up two lanes of traffic! The next morning after few hours of sleep i watched the parade with this beauty in the flat brim and we had a good time complimenting/scrutinizing floats and band outfits. twas a good time indeed. Later i joined her family for a good ole fashion BBQ at a park and also managed snagged some pictures of my outfit. okay picture time meow.

shirt: H&M //  skirt: thrifted // shoes: vans

my main motive for this outfit post is that i was so happy to find this skirt.  July 3rd i was freaking out cause i didn't have red shorts and according to my brain lumps i NEEDED red shorts or else the universe would be out of whack. I'm crazy. it's fine. Well by some serendipity i stopped by a thrift store when i was waiting to get my oil changed (which is another story of how great human beings are) and found this beauty. don't you just love the scallop bottom?  i can't get over it. crisis averted, patriotic outfit achieved. i love thrifting.

I hope your fourth of july was spend in happiness. because today is a good day to be happy.