A few thoughts that have little to do with eachother:

A few thoughts that have little to do with eachother:
shirt: target(?) // belt, skirt & shoes: thrifted

// if i'm being completely honest, i'm not a huge fan of the length of this skirt, it hits right at the biggest part of my calves, so it just makes my legs look like a load of "meh" but i love the pattern and the movement of it, so i couldn't wait til after i hem it to wear it/show you. I have a habit of buying lots of skirts at thrift stores and then wearing them far less than i would like.

// one of my best friends comes home from his mission this week, and he's kinda the last of my good friends to return. I'm hoping that this year is as exciting as i am right now. 

// there is something about heartbreak or pain that makes you feel emotions a little deeper. I've been writing poetry again, which is something i've sorely missed. It feels really good to get things out of my brain and onto paper. There is also something to be said bout how when i am joyful, it means so much more. It's like because i've had such a low month, when things are happy like they have been this week, everything seems infinitely more exciting than they ever have previously. It's hard, but it's nice where i'm at right now. I'm learning so much about myself and i honestly wouldn't trade it. 

// thank you for letting go, thank you for the goodbye when i couldn't do it.

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