wildlife wednesday

wildlife wednesday

Sorry guys, i was gonna narrow it down to maybe two pictures, but i just loved them all to much so you get 5. Also sorry that this post is about wildlife wednesdays and its technically thursday. whatever, we'll all get over it. Anyways I just gotta tell you guys, today was what summer is made for. I had THE best time at the Youth Lagoon/Grizzly Bear concert tonight. This is my good friend Michael, i met him almost three years ago when we were little bebe freshmen. He is eating a cookie in the last picture, go figure. He is the most enthusiastic wildlife tee supporter i ever met (long live the animal kingdom) anways it's tradition to wear wildlife tee's on wednesday thanks to him, and though i don't always participate cause i'm a LAME-O, he let me borrow his Grizzly tee in honor of the concert. <--- that was a lot of commas in that paragraph. i apologize.

ANYWHO. the concert was wonderfully entertaining, once we pushed/shoved/politely asked our way to the very front of the concert. It was awesome. Especially the girl next too me up there who happened to be one of those really nice happy drunks who was just SO excited to be there, "Dude... grizzly bear!" "duuuuuuude! grizzllyyy beeeaarrr" "hi whats your name?! do you like grizzly bear?!"  "dude do you wanna crowd surf?"

This week has been by far one of my favorites of the summer, and wednesday just ended! i'm only halfway through it, nice.  I am starting to feel like myself again guys. I'm really excited about that, like i genuinely feel happy most of the time. ugh. life is good. God is great. Can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings.

Emma Out.

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