Check(ered) me out.

Check(ered) me out.
bad pun, it's not even checkers... it's plaid. but just roll with it.
shirt: thrifted // pants: h&m // shoes: vintage

I just love Tonya so much, she's been somewhat of a mentor in this blogging world we live in. She kinda dove into it after high school, and she's been having such success. she's seriously so cool and talented and has such a great eye. It's funny cause we met in high school and we were both athletes (pretty much almost anti-hipsters) and somehow we came into our own started being really intersted in all things pretty. She's pretty much the coolest and i'm so glad to have been friends with her for so long (what is it, 6 years now? 5? i dunno...)

anyway, you've no doubt already heard of her, she's from The Moptop. if you haven't heard from her cause you live under a rock you can find her here.