Today feels like film.

Today feels like film.

all photos taken on a Pentax ME // ilford hp5 plus

This morning i set my alarm for fairly early, i had high hopes to curl my hair and perfect my "get-things-done" outfit and such. instead i woke up to something magical, and unfortunately i was too busy ingesting light to even think of documenting it. I woke up as the sun rose, and the blinds next to my window seemed to be glowing gold. Naturally, i opened them and peered out. As the sun rose, the sky was saturated with clouds full of rain and is diffused the sunrise throughout the entire sky. It was the most golden i have ever seen it. For a few moments i wondered if the clouds were on fire. I stared at the sky through groggy eyes before it slowly sung me to sleep again. when I awoke again the gold has dissipated but it has remained on my heart for the remainder of the day.

Something about that experience this morning made me want to show you the film i just had developed/scanned. Maybe because it's a tangible art, or maybe because this roll kinda represents a journey back to reality for me. I started the roll three days before my heart was broken, and i'm posting it now feeling mostly healed. To me it's more than a documentation of the places i've been physically, but also where my heart has been.

i don't know if that made sense, there is a good chance it's all gibberish to you. but it makes sense to me and i'm happy to push it out into the ether.

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