Hello Thursday, you seem like a good one.

Hello Thursday, you seem like a good one.
This morning started out with this cute engaged friend of mine coming over bright and early so we could take a headshot for her audition today

^^^She's pretty cute eh? 
^^^ I made the good choice of living in a house with big beautiful windows for things like this.
^^^ then we took some quick outfit photos
shirt: thrifted (UO brand) // jacket: H&M // pants: old navy // boots: Ilse Jacobsen Hornbaek
^^^ this is our first introduction to my new feline friend, who is deciding if she likes my outfit
^^^ the cat has spoken! Ladies and gentlemen this outfit is cat approved!!

^^^ My reaction to a Cat approved outfit

Anyways after some girl talk, headshots, and outfit photos we made our way to Einsteins for a quick breakfast before i headed to work. it was a good choice, also DO YOU SEE THE MOUNTAIN CHANGING COLORS. guys i'm still confused why it's not still summer. but okay i'll deal with it.

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