a grown up outfit and some feminist thoughts.

a grown up outfit and some feminist thoughts.

jacket: h&m // shirt: tjmaxx // leggings: nordstrom rack // bag: h&m // shoes: tjmaxx

Mems when i said i was obsessed with wearing as much black as possible? good, cause i've seriously been out of control, in a very good controlled way. I'm trying to class up my wardrobe, and on occasion dress like a real life adult. It's a great way to trick people into thinking i'm mature than I really am. my mom thinks these pants/leggings are silly, which is why i have officially dubbed them my "silly pants." Everyone should own a pair of silly pants. While we're on the topic of my pants, can I just declare to the internet now that I am a firm believe in the whole leggings-ARE-pants battle. It's my body, they're my pants. i shall classify them however i wish. K THX.

also i read a bunch of really interesting blog posts today about gender roles (especially those within my church) and i'm realizing that the more of a feminist i am, the most i resent that people give that word a bad connotation. Woman rock. We are such a force for good in this world. Sure we have natural innate abilities to nurture and care, but we also have really awesome brains and talents beyond that and I am so grateful to be growing up in a time where we are starting to see that. I've struggled a lot the past few months to try and come to terms with my ambition in the field of design and my dreams of someday becoming a mother (I have so much more to say about that in a different post) and luckily despite so many iffy pieces of advice from very traditional thinkers I'm coming to terms with my whole identity as a woman. It's quite lovely. I am more than I appear, I have so much to give. I'm excited to find, and most importantly create opportunities for me to succeed.

ladies. you are awesome. and while you are surely beautiful, your worth is incredibly more far reaching than that.