Black is the new Everything

Black is the new Everything

^^^ that amorphous blob is my dear kaitlin trying to photobomb me. butthead.

shirt: banana republic // pants: h&m // shoes: foot locker

Last week I suddenly become obsessed with the thought of a perfect all black outfit. but then it didn't stop.. I am suddenly drawn to all things neutral. And I love it. somewhere in the strangely wired  brain of mine makes me feel like wearing all neutrals makes me look older. And I mean I AM turning the wise ole age of 22 (or 5.5 depending on how you look at it) come february. I'm practically ancient.. haha lulz. Anyways, i'm obsessed. I bought this whole outfit last week on a spur of the-moment-retail-therapy-break-from-a-computer-screen trip to the mall. Banana was having a great sale and I really couldn't resist because i could actually afford some things there.. And dear ole h&m did me well too! I mean those cords were only 10 bucks! say whaaaaa?

i'm babbling again. I should stop.  also I have a few shoots I wanna share with you soon! :)