dem boyz

dem boyz
My friend circle is like my roommates and maybe three close girlfriends, then all my boys. Even though, I love to embrace my femininity, I am most certainly a guys girls. The majority of my friends are guys. They're actually the ones I analyze situations with and talk relationships, and occasionally wrestle. I thought this was normal, but the other day a male friend of mine and I were talking and he told me that I have this rare ability to be friends with guys without trying to date them (not sure if thats really rare, cause i mean seriously how hard is it to be happy with friendships as they are?)  I don't know why I'm telling you this, It's kinda a pet peeve of mine when girls talk about how much they hate girls, or they never got along with them. Probably cause they're usually telling me this in person and i'm a girl and i'm like 'uhhhh okay i'm right here dude...'

I guess in my experience i find advice from my male counterparts brutally honest, and thats something I value so much.  So let it be known, i'm not a woman hater either, i just spend most my time with my guys  I don't mind either way, I'm happy with it, I have a lot of fun. Maybe a little too much fun at times. for instance, this is me and my buddy tanner watching a movie.

and yes, he was using my purse as a chip holder. we keep things classy.
sorry this post was a little jarbled and ranty, but whutevz
Happy wednesday!