15 things i know thanks to 2013

15 things i know thanks to 2013
better late than never right?

(1) The BFA is worth the 4hrs of sleep per night the month before you applied... If nothing else to help you adjust to the new sleeping schedule that become regular once you're in. #4or5hoursaverage

(2) When a spontaneous opportunity to travel happens, always say yes

(3) sometimes the best thing to do is avoid responsibility and get sucked into a youtube hole of jennifer lawerence videos. 

(4) make up doesn't make you pretty

(5) You spent half ten year falling for someone and the other half falling out of them, but it each step in the process was vital to your growth

(6) God knows better than you

(7) Just because he makes you laugh when you hadn't be able to for a few weeks, isn't enough reason alone to kiss him. but actually sometimes it is.

(8) Even though you've been fooled with some really great friendships with exes, it's a two way streak and sometimes you just have to live in awkwardness

(9) You live in the friend zone and for the most part your comfortable with it 

(10) Stop trying to analyze everything, especially if it being overheard might hurt someone's feelings, because if it does you have no one to blame but yourself 

(11) re-learning how to flirt might not be a bad idea

(12)People will surprise you, sometimes for better and sometimes not so much. But that doesn't make them any less deserving of your love 

(13) it's okay to listen to pop music and not care about your "reputation". go ahead Emma, listen to Bangerz and 20/20 to your hearts content. 

(14) when in doubt on a design project, thumbnail. thumbnail, THUMBNAIL.

(15) mindy kahling is brilliant. 

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