Not even Mod about it.

Not even Mod about it.
So a few months ago, my mom took my sewing machine home to washington to fix (the two times i tried to use it here, it just wasn't doing what I asked it to, and I was fed up) but she made a deal with me that i had to make something over the break in order to get it back. So we set a whole day aside to making this dress. a daunting task indeed. it turned out so great and I'm SO happy with it. Mostly I'm happy that I actually finished a sewing project because I wasn't sure I'd be able to... I mean holy guacamole that was a freaking long day! We used this pattern for the dress, and then i drew up a pattern for the scalloped peter pan collar because i couldn't seem to find a pattern I liked on pinterest (so i'm a little impatient...sue me)

I really wanted a 1960s look, cause I just think dresses were done right in that era :)

dress: made me ME || tights: Macy's || shoes: UO

Excuse me while i feed my ego with a pat on the back, while simultaneously refusing to make anything anytime soon because my mother doesn't live with me.