Smile me Awkward... Pretty Girls (a love story)

Smile me Awkward... Pretty Girls (a love story)
Saturday morning, I lay content in my bed. I  was waking up to snuggling with my fellow blogger friend Lauren (from awkward girls)  in my bed, it was a good one. I believe the first words I said that morning were "Lauren, you're the first person that I met on the internet that i've slept with..." or maybe "Excellent....Egggsellent...Egg...salad." but actually the second one we somehow did in unison...unplanned. it's fine. I just shattered all illusions of me being a well-adjusted human being. whutevah, moving on.

Lauren and I have been wanting to do an outfit post that was kinda rocker/gothic/chic for a while, but mostly we wanted an excuse for dark lipstick because...duh but also because yolo and stuff. here are some pictures of our lovely fashion blogger adventure on a surprisingly not-that-cold day.

shirt:banana repulic // necklace: c/o Loopsway // pants: h&m // shoes: dolce vita via nordstrom
the lipstick totally looks better on her. but it's cool, i'll let her stick around my life a little longer... yeah sorry this post wasn't in story format so your expectation from the title were not met, wapz.

(also i reviewed this cool necklace above here!)

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