Almost Famous Fashion

Almost Famous Fashion
So I live in house called the "Almost Famous" house, it's pretty wonderful actually. We call each other sisterwives instead of roommates, and our humor consists of dry sarcasm and calling each other Mother frequently. If that sounds weird, it's because it is. whatever. Anyway I decided I wanted some of my sisterwives to be in my fashion post today, because I personally think they all looked like stunnahs (and not because they're wearing a few of my own clothes...)
RACHEL // top: van heusen //belt: D.I // skirt: Romy //boots: rampage
EMMA // top: vintage // cardigan: gap // skirt:thrifted // shoes: nordstrom
BROOKE // jacket: // top: h&m // skirt: jcrew (thrifted) // shoes:  york
KAITLIN // top: primark // skirt: f 21 // shoes: forever young
^^^Rachel taught us a little about what being a model really means.

Oh do I ever love these females.

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