Doyle, Knoll, and Comstock. ya dig?

Doyle, Knoll, and Comstock. ya dig?
I warn you, there is going to be a lot of pictures from this trip. I apologize. There will be a LOT of pictures, and not all are great quality. I haven't been taking my nice camera out at the studio visits because I don't want to be overbearing and what not, so quite a lot of these I just snatched on my phone. I'm actually going to separate them into two posts. one of the visits and appointments and then one of our late night adventures :)
^^^ we started off our appointments at Doyle and Partners and it was so informative.  They led us through their design philosophies, some projects they're working on, they're past projects, their personal projects. Incredibly gracious and wonderful people. 
^^^flat iron building! had to take a picture, because duh.
^^^after constant recommendations of this place by adrian decided to grab lunch at city bakerie and try the heavenly hot chocolate. It was incredible. seriously. actually about three minutes ago a classmate referred to it as orgasmic, so... just trust us all on this one mmmkay?

^^^we spent an afternoon at Knoll, and it was splendid. they were so hospitable, and you can just tell in every aspect of design how committed they are to quality. I admire that so much about them. also the chairs we used in the conference room were so comfortable i genuinely debated never getting out. 
^^^ we ended our day with fashion designer Robert Comstock, who was super interesting and It was so fun to hear his stories and how he got into the business/how he's maintained such authentii

^^^we then stopped by the NY Times building, Adrian's daughter works there but we just stopped by the lobby
^^^and now behold our design brains geeking out over sketchbooks, stamps and paper products. loved it so hard.

ugh. i love everything about this trip, and this program.

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