Neutrals are my comfort food.

Neutrals are my comfort food.
first off, sorry bout not blogging the rest of my trip. That can be attributed to two things (a) I didn't really take my camera out as much as i thought i would, I was too preoccupied with getting around and soaking in every aspect of New York that I could. (b) lack of time/energy. I was pooped at the end of every day.

I promise to do one more recap post and I also promise it will have some iphone pics. deal with it. As for now, lets talk just do this outfit post in peace mmkay?

shirt: f21 // cardigan:gap // pants: h&m // bracelet c/o: red envelope

I'm so indecisive these days about color. I'll get really excited about an outfit and then abruptly decide that it has too much color and find something as neutral as possible. I'm all about classics. Black, white, gold, and brown NEVER go out of style. Though I think we can all agree that my janky half painted nails went out of style in 4th grade but whuuuutever.

Thats why I love this bracelet from Red Envelope, gold is always, always, ALWAYS a classic. It was in style when my parents got married 4 centuries ago and it still holds its ground now (kidding mom, you're definitely still 32...). Red Envelope is one of those companies that knows how to give a gift. Your order comes in the cutest red box with a big giant bow that practically screams "this is going to be the best part of your day", and ribbons can't lie. it's not in their nature. Check out red envelope here.