10 Things You Need To Know About Me If We're Going To Be BFFs

10 Things You Need To Know About Me If We're Going To Be BFFs

So once upon a time, Bri tagged me in this post and I was stoked. Partly because her list made me feel like we were destined to be best friends, but also because I was curious what my list would be. I finally got around to writing it, and because of it's complete lack of glamour, it's probably a good indication of our compatibility in bestfriendshiphood. But hey, what can ya do?

I like memes. A lot. I blame an old boyfriend for getting me into memes, I blame cats for keeping me there.

You need to be okay either sharing a twin bed with me at some point in our relationship, it's sort of a right of passage as my BFF. Displays of affection for my best friends include but are not limited to: kissing you on the forehead or cheek, holding your hand , nuzzling you as I give you a hug, and gold ole fashion spooning. yeah, platonic or not we're gonna get cozy kids.

my most and/or least favorite means of communication is snapchat. I'm probably a narcissist because let's face it, snapchat is made for selfies. Don't check my snapchat score, plz. it's embarrassing 

I do my laundry about once a month and the only reason I ever get around to it is when I run out of underwear, and at that point I'm still likely to just go buy more rather than actually do my laundry.

While we're on the topic of how disgusting I am, we might as well talk about the fact I don't like to shower that much. First off it's tedious to get naked, then once you're in the shower you're all content and warm. Then you have to get out AND get dressed while you're wet (which is also tedious). On top of that I usually have to style my hair which takes about 30-45 minutes. Because of these perfectly rational reasons, I shower every 2-3 days. (unless I wear my hair curly, in which I shower every other day, I'll admit, I'm a slave to my hair)

Sarcasm is my first language and a lot of people can't really tell my serious tone from my sarcastic tone when they first meet me. Sometimes things get confusing. I promise I'm a nice person?

One of my most favorite things to do is listen to podcasts or TED talks. As much as I love music, I have a really hard time getting any design done while jamming. I have a theory that it just enables my A.D.D. When I listen to a podcast I somehow am able to stay on task and hyper focus. (I especially love This American Life, but I'm open to suggestions!)

I am thoroughly convinced that as soon as we become friends, i will never be able to hold a grudge against you. if you say something unkind I'll probably just assume you didn't mean anything by it. You dump me? Give it a few days and though I'll be sad, I won't be mad. I've had a few times in my life where it's been annoying because I've had people close to me do really not awesome things to me and I know full well that I will forgive them pretty quickly...which almost makes me even more mad? it's twisted.           .

I can not even try to number how many times I've listened to Bangerz in the past 6 months. And I'm not even least bit embarrassed by it.

I frequently want to do handstands in weird places. I once did one in the shower, just to see if i could. I do one in the giant elevator in the HFAC (the Fine Art Building) every time I'm in it alone. I often get the urge to do them in public, sometimes I don't fight it.