Explore the Familiar || The Secret Life of Bee

Explore the Familiar || The Secret Life of Bee
The 'Explore the Familiar' Guest Series is a visual narrative of the places/items/or people closest to us that might often get taken for granted. By examining what draws us to the familiar, we may just find that the mundane might possibly be the most beautiful thing we could ask for.
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I am so happy Emma asked me to participate in her Explore the Familiar series. I spent a lot of time thinking about the familiars in my every day. I must say that I am guilty of letting things I don't have or places I cannot go paralyze me from moving forward. For example... This year I bought a ukulele. It was whatever. I knew it'd be fun to have because I tend to have a lot of free time on my hands and it's easy to play. Turns out, I really love it. Turns out, it's really fun to write songs on for my sisters and I to sing together. It's become more of a "thing" than I thought it would. But with that came the feeling that I needed more: "I need better equipment to record stuff on...is having just the ukulele enough?...I should probably be layering sounds and using more instruments..." For a little while I'd paralyzed myself with the idea that I needed more. Soon I realized that I had stopped playing. I stopped making up melodies and just goofing around. I stopped enjoying it! The familiar I've had to come back to is the simplicity of this instrument. I'm learning to use and appreciate the tools and gifts I have. I do not need more. All I need is to see that what I have is enough. Because it is.

Bri is one of my favorite people i've never met. She is just so genuine in everything she does, and that'll win me over in a heartbeat. I've enjoyed becoming friends with her lately, and I'm really excited that she agreed to be my first guest post in my Explore the Familiar series. You can find more of her on her blog The Secret Life of Bee. Thanks Bri!