I've got a "great personality"

I've got a "great personality"

shirt: thrifted // pants: gap // shoes: urban outfitters // purse thrifted

Once upon a young insecure adolescent Emma was told by her best male friend "you may not be the prettiest girl in school but you've got a great personality. " Yeah. ouch. Good thing my feels weren't hurt for long. Mostly I had to just laugh.  I never let him live it down however (especially since a few years later we tried dating for three days. thats a story for another time, and 5 years later we're still best friends). In the 9 years I've know the kid, this my favorite thing to tease him about.

That was back in high school, and thankfully I'm much more secure with my self and proud of my "great personality." In a perfect world, I think we would spend about 80% of our effort making our personality better, and maybe 20% on looks. Could you imagine? No more feeling insecure because you wear too much make up, or not enough, or maybe you have a subtle mustache, or maybe you don't like your ankles, or maybe you have man-hands, or a big nose, or bad skin. WHO FREAKING CARES. I'd much rather hang out with you if you've got a killer personality ('cause didn't you hear, mine is pretty great)

The point is, Lets celebrate our weirdness. Lets applaud genuine conversation. Lets laugh more and not worry that sometimes you might snort. Because beauty fades, but personalities are forever ya suckers.