Nostalgia is a side effect of Spring

Nostalgia is a side effect of Spring
There is something about the advent of spring and summer that makes me inexplicably happy. Like all opportunities that I've had or am about to have come full circle and sit in front of me hoping for a few minutes to be admired. Almost exactly a year ago, I got into the BFA program. I remember feeling so relieved that I had finally gotten in. I remember a few days later running off to the mountains with my roommate Brooke to take some photos because we finally had time to do silly things.  I remember feeling so free, and so excited for the growth I knew it would inevitably provide. I also remember last summer to be one of the best summers of my life. It had a little bit of travel, romance, nature, the lake, and it had the ability to change a moments notice. I look back now at what an incredible year I've had since and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I've really started to see myself become a better designer, and I'd like to think I've also become a better person (but the jury is still out on that one). I then turn my attention to this upcoming summer. It's filled with just as many unknowns. It's fraught with adventure and I can not adequately express how terrifyingly excited I am at the prospect of this summer.  I can't believe that it's finally here. I'm happy to have this little time to reflect and breathe before my big adventure with Martha Stewart in the Big Apple. I'll be honest, it still doesn't seem quite real, but right now thats kind of what I love about it. To kick of the summer of possibility and adventure, It only seems fitting to post some pictures of Brooke and I's yay-we're-finally-done-with-finals-and-the-only-way-we-know-how-to-celebrate-is-going-to-the-mountains pictures. So without further adieu, our faces:
shirt: old navy // sweater: anthropologie (similar) // pants: f21(similar) // shoes: old navy // purse:thrifted

happy summer of endless possibilities!

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