can I just say how much I love my life?

can I just say how much I love my life?
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^^^ my very favorite photo from the last month, Polaroid taken by Brooke in Catalina ^^^

The past couple weeks have been every kind of fun. I've been on awesome dates, had perfectly perfect nights laughing with my roommates, and I've traveled to Sacramento, Vegas, LA, and Mexico. I can't help but feel so overwhelmingly blessed with the opportunities that I've been able to have. I have a little over a week before I start my next big adventure. It finally hit me today how real this all is. Humor me for a little bit while I explain why seeing whats on the horizon makes me so inexplicably happy.

Three years ago, after changing my major four times my freshman year. I finally decided to pursue graphic design. In the visual arts program here at BYU, you must first apply to be a part of the BA program (Bachelor of Arts) and then once you're there you get to apply to the BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts). It's extremely competitive, especially the design program. It's kept intentionally small (there are 17 of us in my class) and each student gets plenty of one on one time with our professors.

When learning about the programs BYU had to offer, I knew I wanted to be the best possible designer I could be, and I knew that I needed to get myself into the BFA to do that. I worked my little tush off so hard that I've grown accustom to little to no sleep.  I remember learning that many of the BFA students get opportunities to do internships in New York. It all sounded so magical and out of my reach. But I kept moving forward. I had to get there. It was more than just a personal challenge, I had several confirmations to prayers that assured me this was the direction I needed to be moving in my life. I remember getting into the BFA was one of the happiest moments of my college career. Rightfully so, because I feel I've learned more in the past year in the program than in the 3 years of higher education prior.

 I always felt such a pull towards New York. Which was strange since I had never been there. when I went in March with my class to tour studios and interview I understood. I just knew I needed to spend more time in this city. Nothing quite inspires me like New York City.

Guys. it's real. it's really really happening! Though I've had an incredible month here in Provo, I'm anxious to join my other classmates in NYC, whose internships have already started. I'm anxious to call New York home for a time.

Monday after next is my first day at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
I. Can't. Wait.

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