Never Ending Adventures || Zocorra Ring Giveaway {Closed}

Never Ending Adventures || Zocorra Ring Giveaway {Closed}
ring give away sm-3349ring give away sm-3281ring give away sm-3256ring give away sm-3263ring give away sm-3328ring give away sm-3293 copy ring give away sm-3276ring give away sm-3348ring give away sm-3241ring give away sm-3234This weekend was straight out of a dream. I went down to Sacramento to shoot a wedding for one of my most beautiful friends. Everything about it was lovely and perfect. Her family was so sweet and helpful and welcoming and I had such a blast shooting it. I also finally got to meet Kirsten in real life. She was the most helpful human and so much fun. When I first got there my cousin (who was in the wedding party) and I accidentally took a scenic route from the airport and I was absolutely enthralled. I forced Kirsten to come back to Sacramento again right before I left to explore that beautiful river-side road.  We got lost getting there, but it was in Yolo County so I guess you could say we were feeling like we could do anything. I think exploring the places that stick with you, even for a small moment, are 100% worth exploring if you can.

In the spirit of happiness and magic, lets talk jewelry. Specifically lets give some away. Zorroca is a New York based Luxury Jewelry brand who have some really pretty stuff.  I've been obsessed with this ring since it came in the mail a few days ago, and lucky for me I get to share the obsession with you guys. Just think of the possibilities here. We could have matching friendship rings. You could have a last minute present for Mothers Day. If you're a dude reading my blog, you could give it to a special lady in your life.  You could even summon your inner Smeagol and keep it all to yourself in a damp cave, I mean if your into that sort of thing. The possibilities are endless... (though I would stop short of turning it into a Horcrux It's way too pretty to be a Horcrux)

ANYWAY. You can enter up to 5 times,  and here's how:
1. Pin an Image
2. Share the Zocorra site on your facebook wall
3. Follow @zocorraNY on twitter
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This giveaway is US only and ends on Saturday, and please leave a comment below letting me know if you entered. Or telling me a funny joke, whatever.  Happy Monday!

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