The 90s called, they want their wallpaper back.

The 90s called, they want their wallpaper back.
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shirt: thrifted // pants: f21 // shoes: nike roshe runs

This shirt found it's way into my closet because it's has a striking resemblance to the wallpaper in my childhood room. I remember the first time my mom and I decided to redecorate my room, we were tearing down this pattern for what seemed like ages (but then again when you're that young every hour of hard work seems like 5 trillion years). That room and a few others I commandeered as my own growing up went through several changes and renditions of what i believed to be the coolest room possible. This wallpaper, unfortunately never made the cut. When I found this shirt at a thrift store, I bought it on a whim, I couldn't let go of the wallpaper shirt because for some reason it felt like it had been mine since I was four. I know, sounds like a lot of feels for a silly little shirt. But I think it might have some luck woven in, and to top it off  it gets some of the most compliments of all my thrifted finds. I'm not superstitious, but i'm a little bit stitious.

Also, may I add that I am very much in favor of the whole sneakers-are-cool trend that is happening lately. Anyone else getting on that bandwagon with me?