crazy pants and a fear of tuesdays

crazy pants and a fear of tuesdays
shirt:banana republic // pants: h&m // shoes: old navy

oh hay. here's a flashback outfit post from my little trip to the cloisters.  With it I want to flash back to last monday. I was feeling ill. Not the cool kind of ill which full of swag and the like, but rather the kind where your head feels lethargic. thats the only way i can think to put it.  It was so hard to work through. I had 8 hours at a desk and a cool project to work on and my brain was working against me. Tired brains aren't super great at being creative, in case you were wondering. I didn't know what to do. it was a freaking monday and it felt like a funk with no end.

As I was going to bed that night I said a quick prayer telling God how horrible my day was and how I just didn't think i could do another day like that again. I was terrified that tuesday would be even worse. I asked if He would help  by just giving me any little boost to be able to get through the next day. Thats all I wanted, some sort of help to push through that mental/physical road block that I couldn't seem to shake.

It came as no surprise that He answered my prayers, in a way that really only I could appreciate fully. I'll try to explain anyways. I was perusing through my phone that morning (duh, how else do you wake up?) and saw that the Shins had released a new song. Guys. The Shins are my all time favorite band. There is something so intrinsically soothing about listening to a Shins song for the first time. It makes you feel happy, and nostalgic all at once. As a friend put it, the new song came with, "so many feeeeeeels"

good feels guys, real good feels. feels that made the rest of the day not just a slightly better day, but a good day. dare i say it? yes. a great day. I got a seat on the train, goodbye 30 minutes of standing. I got to the morning ice before it ran out at work. Austin showed me a new sandwhich shop next to where we work. We purused the 5th Avenue afterward work. I had a creative comeback. I started to feel better about what I was churning out. Everything good seemed to happen for me tuesday.

God watches out for us, especially when we're afraid of tuesdays. and for that I am so very grateful.

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