Friday Confessions, because yolo and stuff

Friday Confessions, because yolo and stuff
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Confession #1: miss lolonienie. there. I said it. don't make me say it again. I'm doing friday confessions because I want her to be in NYC like yesterday, and somehow this seems like the next best way to remind her how needy I am.  Also because I'm unoriginal.

Confession #2: I've never felt more unfashionable in my life. The girls I work with are all so hip and perfectly put together I can hardly even get myself dressed in the morning out of sudden disdain for everything I own. the bright side, is that I'm totally motivated to revamp my wardrobe to fit the style I actually like.

Confession #3: I'm trying to convince myself and everyone around me that Birkenstock sandals are totally back in style, that they are worth the $120, and that I could pull them off like this. It might be the fashionista in me trying to try something different, but it could also have a lot to do with the fact that the Martha office is almost a full mile from the nearest subway stop and I'll do most anything in the name of comfort. almost anything.

Confession #4:   I found this mash-up yesterday at work, and I've probably listened to it at least once an hour since. I'm obsessed despite the fact my best friend kassie (and total music snob) said it was "so so terrible."  WHUTEVAH.

Confession #5:  I swore I saw Robert Downing Jr. today while browsing the galleries in Chelsea, but after a few moments of staring I realized that it was definitely just a mediocre dopplegänger. I must have thought if I stared long enough he would turn into Robert. Instead I did the whole, walking forward staring backward thing and just about ran into the small group of asians smoking outside the gallery. it was glamourous.