My long-term love affair with neutrals

My long-term love affair with neutrals
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shirt & shoes: target // leggings: nordstrom

I do love color as much as the next girl, but when it comes down to it, I'm a sucker for neutrals and I'm not afraid to embrace it. I'm finally learning how to be a fashion blogger again! Honestly all it took was great pair of shoes. I've been looking to streamline my wardrobe into really beautiful and really basic pieces that I can wear over and over again in different ways. Part of that might be derivative of living the entire summer out of a suitcase, but in any case I'm thoroughly enjoying it. These heels were a great find, minimal and versatile. (don't worry, I bring them to the office and change into them, I can't imagine walking a mile in any form of heels to my office from the nearest subway system, thats what we call insanity...)

Happy Friday my friends! enjoy your weekend! I'm sure planning on having some fun :)