the obsessions continues, and other tidbits.

the obsessions continues, and other tidbits.

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shirt: banana republic // skirt: uniqlo // shoes & earrings: old navy // necklace: blue nile jewlery 

I'm still a sucker for monochromatic/gray/black outfits, so it only makes sense that my first sunday outfit had minimal color. It's ironic I feel that way since the majority of the clothing I packed for the summer is preeeeetty colorful. meh. what can you do.

These pictures were taken in the Lobby of my building. I'm obsessed with the tile work. The area I'm living in is pretty great. I feel safe here which I'm sure my father will be relieved to hear, and it's really close to a park. It's also so close to New Jersey that the other day my roommate went out for a walk the other day and ended up there. Every night there are people in the streets until really late, and usually someone is playing Latin music from his parked car. I'm a little annoyed that I haven't had Latin-inspired dreams because of it yet, but all in due time I suppose.

Other Random Tidbits:
-Yesterday I was headed to the restroom first thing in the morning and as I passed the conference rooms I sorta made eye contact with Martha Stewart. I smiled bashfully and scurried off. I feel like a n00b.

-I only brought that one purse, and it's way too big. I could fit a small child in it. I mean it's nice in terms of bring all the things I need for the day to work, but whenever I go anywhere else it's just cumbersome. I'm on the lookout for one a little more reasonably sized.

-still so obsessed with Birkenstock, despite reading some very anti-Birkenstock discussions on the interwebz last night. I guess that goes to show how very little I care for opinions once I've got my mind set on something. yikes, that sounded mean. but still think of the possibilities! I could be this girl! or this one!

-I got my film scans back from a few weddings I shot about a month ago, and I'm absolutely smitten. I've made it a goal to shoot more film this year. That's something I feel is worth the investment.

-The hallway in my apartment is so long you could bowl down it. It also has some wicked sweet acoustics.

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