Relationship Status: It's complicated until further notice.

Relationship Status: It's complicated until further notice.
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 shirt & skort: zara // purse: kate spade saturday // shoes: Gap // necklace:thefted from mom // lips: naars (train bleu)

So. Hey.

It's been a while since I posted anywhere but instagram. There are some technical reasons for that. as well as some emotional reasons. Either way it's been a pretty tough week. On Wednesday, Someone broke into our apartment. They came in, stole four laptops and left in what we assume a hurry. After getting that dreaded text,  I raced home as soon as i could from work. Thanks to the tropical storm Arthur (or is he a hurricane now? I'm not sure) It was the most miserable walk in the history of the A train commute. 1 mile of walk-jogging in non stop rain, and dread growing with every second. I got home just before the first set of police left. We all just sat in misery as we waited, careful not to touch anything so the next set of cops could dust for prints.  We are all graphic designers and over-all internet users, so as you can imagine, it was a pretty traumatizing experience to have a tool so close to us be taken without warning. So much work, memories, and money just gone in an instant. I was pretty numb for the first 24 hours. I still kind of am. But what made me most uneasy was knowing that stranger with the worst of intentions, entered our space. I felt so violated.

I suddenly hated New York. I hated everything about it. I felt like I had been betrayed by this city that I had always been so optimistic towards. A city that I felt 100% okay about taking a unpaid internship because it had given me a beautiful opportunity and an excuse to dwell in it's presence a little longer. I felt like this weekend, I was waiting for New York to prove itself to me. To prove that I wasn't just being clueless, that there is more to the city than the scum bags that come in and steal a piece of you while you're out trying to do good things with your life. I wanted to fall in love with New York again.

New York is slowly getting back on my good side. Slowly. But love is a slow process. It's making a solid case for itself. Pulling out all the stops. It's using brunch, bbq, fireworks (albeit from the wrong side of the brooklyn bridge), an absolutely perfect day trip to the beach, the best fish tacos, dominican ice, and of course all the right kind of shopping.  Though  I do enjoy so much about this city, I wish I could say New York and I's relationship was no longer rocky.  But that would make me a liar. We're working through our problems. I suppose we'll have to change our relationship status to "it's complicated until further notice."

Unrelated to previous words, related to outfit and mostly trivial: 
This outfit is a result of the Zara-gods looking down upon me and providing me with an incredible sale on the very day I'm in for retail therapy. It softened the blow. It's kind of like a rebound after a bad break up. I felt a little bit better afterwards, but the pain of the heartbreak, though dulled, was still there. I'm obsessed with skort. yeah you read that right. It looks like a miniskirt, but no. it's the coolest skort I've worn since 2nd grade (and probably the first skort I've worn since 2nd grade). I feel like my style on my body is slowly becoming more and more cohesive with what is in style in my brain. and that makes me happy.

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