you will never be perfect.

you will never be perfect.

shirt: gap // jacket: anthropologie // pants: zara // shoes: nike

Dear Emma,

You will never be able to please everyone. You can never have zero enemies, or get rid of all your internal gremlins. You will never be pretty to every single person, and you will never be 100% sure of yourself and your choices. Sometimes you will say mean things, often you will make mistakes. Some people are going to hate that you swear, some people are going to expect you to give more than your capacity. You will always have your demons, and you will struggle with fighting them every. single. day.

My dear, that is what makes you beautiful; these things are what make you human.

Humanity is such a beautiful messy existence to be a part of. The human experience is basically living with your contradictions. At every fumbling step in this life you have the decision to be proud of the person you are. You can fully acknowledge that you have flaws. Because that is what makes you real. Haters gonna hate, and sometimes those haters are going to be yourself. The pursuit of perfection is fraught with second-guessing and not-good-enoughs.

You will never be perfect, but you can be damn proud of the person you are. You've worked hard to become her.  The most you can do is acknowledge that others are going to have their own issues. and yes, sometimes others will expect you to be perfect. They may be over critical and make you think you aren't good enough. You must be honest with yourself, and hold strong to the values most important to you. Don't expect perfection from others, because you know full well that path will only lead you to disappointment.

You are worthy of love.