Zions National Park

Zions National Park
This trip has been a long time coming. I've been wanting to go to zions since i moved to utah almost 5 years ago. Finally I got fed up with my trite excuses that kept me from making the short drive out of provo and into one of God's most beautiful places. We got to zion's pretty late and as expected all the official campsites had been filled. We wandered around, even asked a hotel receptionist how much it was to camp on their campgrounds. It was 30 bones for two people. yeah, no thanks. Being my fathers daughter, I knew I just had to ask the right people; the right locals.  I made us stop in the supermarket to ask the cashier what our options were. The bearded man gave us some very specific and yet incredibly ambiguous instructions to some public land which we would just set up camp.

It was a lot of faith in the beard mostly, because he could have been leading us into a easy place to murder us. We were mostly of the YOLO persuasion at this time so we followed the beard's instructions set up camp. It was a good choice, because and the next morning we WOKE UP TO THIS:

When we finally woke up from the worlds most windy/loud/dreadful/exciting sleep, we set out to hike the infamous angels landing. And when you have two photographers doing the same grand adventure, you know it's going to be a lot of fun. (this post is purely our digital stuff, there will be more with all our film because THATS HOW WE DO MMKAY?!)

About 1 third of the way into the hike, we found a cool crevice along the path and I was like, "lets go into that." And then we were all like "Lets eat lunch in the crevice!" So that we did. And it was delightfully adventurous

Getting to the top was exhilarating. If you've never hiked it before, let me just point out that the "trail" is actually just a bunch of large rocks on the side of the cliff that you meander around and hope you don't fall thousands of feet. My kind of hike! (also, if you're afraid of heights there is a good chance you ought to bring a diaper on this hike because whoa)

Everything about this trip was exactly what i needed to combat the mid-semester blues. I am reminded how much happier I am when seeing new things, and hiking. Oh how I love it so! I also find it so ironic. I use to hate hiking. I used to think "NO ONE ACTUALLY LIKES HIKING" I would get annoyed when people would put that as one of their hobbies. I thought they were all liars.

Boy have the tables have turned. Turns out I was just hiking with the wrong people, and possibly the wrong places . People who were more concerned about "getting somewhere" than being somewhere. I never really got the concept of digesting the beauty of my surroundings until the past couple years. Now I'm that kid who can't get enough. It's insatiable. I need nature. I NEED IT. I'm that weirdo that wants to cry when I see how beautiful the earth is. I'm an emotional hiker, okay? I am not ashamed.

Guys. Hiking is awesome. Nature is neat.
Go to Zions. You won't be disappointed.

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