Make all your friends online.

Make all your friends online.

sweater: zara // scarf: urban outfitters // pants: hudsons // shoes: vans

Today, reflecting on the last week, I am feeling grateful. I am lucky to have made so many wonderful irl friends through the interwebz. In the past year  Lauren has become one of my best friends, and her friendship has gotten me through some really rough times. Last weekend meeting Bri for the first time was a treat. It felt like we had all been friends for years. No awkward small talk, we just dove right into heartaches and feminism. (though it probably helped that we've all stalked each others lives for quite some time).  I'm thankful for people who are willing to be genuine. It also helps that they are pretty funny. These girls are my favorites.  This also happens to be the one picture we got of the whole weekend together. #bloggerfails

Best line of last weekend goes to lolonienie, "Next thing you know, you've woken up next to a chinese man. You're in a graveyard. It's been three days."

Moral of this post: I'm not saying go make all your friends on the internet, but I'm not not saying it.