VDAY 2k15

VDAY 2k15
Let me begin by setting the record straight. I am not engaged. Something about Provo culture makes it easy to assume that one month of dating, and a few (adorable) pictures on facebook can equate to a proposal. Lets not be absurd. However I do have the scoop on my valentines day if you happen to be interested.

Valentines day has always been a fun holiday for me, despite the fact that the last time I had a valentine, I was 15. I have always had wonderful girlfriends, and friend-friends who will go out of their way to make me feel loved. And I'm pretty grateful for that. Though it'd be a lie to say I wasn't pretty jazzed about having a real Valentine this year.

We began the adventures with some jams to get us in the romantic mood. which actually turned out to be us singing along to and Anti-Valentines day playlist and some good ole TLC.

we then headed up lehi canyon to do some 'sploring because the weather has been so incredible this month. It was sooo pretty and reminded me of washington, which just makes my heart plain 'ole happy.  obviously an impromptu self-timer photoshoot was in order, because we ended up at tibble fork resevoir. It's pretty Northwestern-esque., so obviously I'm a fan.
then we were both starving so we decided the food portion of the night was ready to begin. When I came inside his house, Blaine had set up everything nice and neat on the kitchen table, including my presents. He saw that i pinned this and so he decided to make it for me. Because thats what great boyfriends do, they pin. (real talk, his pinterest game is stronger than mine). Also he got me a Chelsea Market Cookbook because he knows how much i love NYC (also, it doesn't hurt that the chelsea market was right by the Martha Stewart offices, so I went there a ton over the summer.) Dating a graphic designer is always a good choice. just saying. 
Then we made tacos from scratch, because thats obviously the most romantic food. also because I'm 87% sure that Blaine's love language is tacos. (this theory is supported by the fact that he talked about the tacos for a good two weeks before valentines day)

after we cleaned up our mess, I wanted to run to a friends house 15 min away and drop off a Galentines day gift for her, so we took an intermission and headed over there. On the way there Blaine informed that there was one more surprise for the evening. So we when we got back to his house he had me wait in the car while he set up.

Back story: I had randomly suggested we make a fort a week before. Blaine just teased me and asked if it was part of one of those internet lists, like "Fun things you can do with your boyfriend!" I maintained that it was just an idea that seemed funner than the gathering we were at. We got side tracked and i promptly forgot that i had even suggested it...

we watched pride and prejudice, because obviously.

Anyhow, valentines day was so fun. I had a silly grin of pure elation on my face the entire day. And so naturally, it was worth blogging about.

also I'm still not engaged. just happy.