Vidmar Stockholm Syndrome.

Vidmar Stockholm Syndrome.
~*~*~*~*PHOTO DUMP AHEAD~*~*~*~

When I was in high school, I told my mother that someday I wanted to go to Italy and Greece, and would she go with me. She, being every so supportive of my adventurous spirit said something along the lines of "yeah, that would be fun! maybe when you graduate college" which i'm sure she hoped i would be satisfied with and promptly forget.

i didn't.

Even when I went on my study abroad three years ago,  I remember specifically telling her that it DID NOT count, because we didn't go to italy. So when I actually did finally graduate college, it was like, "okay Mom. Now or never." we chose now. So I invited pretty much everyone in my family, and the only one able to go was my brother Paul,  who joined us for the first week. His ADHD and my general obnoxiousness always gets along quite swimmingly . Ironically enough I chose to visit Stockholm and Berlin over Greece. (which secretly is just an excuse for me to get back over there ASAP)

So without any further adieu. lets talk Stockholm, otherwise known as "A City So Clean, You Could Eat off the Subway Station Floors." To say I'm obsessed with Stockholm would be a pretty generous understatement. Everything about Sweden keeps me smitten and incredibly jealous that I'm not a swede, or at least married to one.  also, HOLY SH*T SWEDISH WOMEN DRESS SO INCREDIBLE. you're going to have to trust me on this, because i was too intimidated by their beauty to take to any pictures of them. I'm also obsessed with Scandinavian design and fashion. So, I'm v biased.

Our first day involved a lot of wondering down old town:

^^Mom suggested Paul get a haircut and maybe shave before the trip, but he showed up with a top not and the longest beard I've ever seen on him. Neither of us were surprised. We both rocked the top knot throughout the trip. no ragrets.

^^this was the view from our airbnb. all the heart eyes, right?? we were surprised we were staying in one of approximately 2 skyscrapers in all of Stockholm haha

^^ On our second day we went to the VASA museum which is this old viking ship that was preserved cause it sunk on it's maiden voyage cause it was made wrong lol, suckers. We also went the Nordic Museum which had a cool exhibit on furniture history and an awesome exhibition on sugar.

^^ They made fun of me for always stopping to take pictures, so i took a picture of them for taking pictures. but this was them the whole time. So.

A friend of ours, who is living in stockholm, and his fiance met us with us, gave us a fun little walking tour and suggested we go to the city hall and check it out. Which is awesome, because Stockholm's city hall happens to be where they hold the Nobel Prize Dinner's every year. nbd.

^^ Awww. i like these humans a whole helluva lot.

^^ Lit-er-ally a room made of gold mosiac,  are you even for reaaaaaal??

^^Be still my heart. The Moderna Museet is one of my favorite museums in the world. But I also am a sucker for modern art. I could listen to lectures on Kandinsky, Picasso, or Kahlo for days without getting bored.

THIS. this is stockholm. How could you not want to live here? It's beautiful in every way. Even though we went in the coldest May in 200 years, I would go back in a heartbeat.

**Not pictured, the authentic viking restaurant we went to. v touristy and worth it. totally worth it.

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