Milano via #vidtalianjob.

Milano via #vidtalianjob.
I need you all to promise me something right here and right now. If you ever go to Milan, you must make a blood oath to visit the Prada Foundation. Okay fine, you don't have to take a blood oath, but lets shake on it okay?? I first discovered this hidden gem from this NY Times article, and just my luck i was able to visit within a few weeks of it opening. It's so so so very worth it. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.  Unless you hate beautiful spaces and art, in which case... why are you even reading my blog? We obviously don't vibe.

ANYWAY for those of you with an affinity for the beautiful, prepare to take a trip to drooltown.
Everything about this space was SO well thought out. There wasn't a single thing that felt jarring or displaced. Like, every inch of this place felt like it had purpose, aesthetically. oh boy. I could live here if they would let me. One of the exhibitions was talking about the importance of replication in art, particularly how important Roman Copies and it was sooooper interesting.


and finished the day at the World Expo with my very first cirque du solei show! That was such a beautiful and awe-inspiring experience.  The next day we went to the central part of down and ate some gelato, not only is there chocolate on the top, but the cone has some chocolate waiting for you at the bottom. yeah, thats right. and climbed the Duomo to get a killer view. Sometimes i'm like "Once you've seen one Cathedral you've seen them all" but then every time i go to a new one i'm like.... okay nvm i'm an idiot this is the most breathtaking thing in the universe.

we found out way to a fountain where everyone was sitting around, playing in and getting their feet wet and we were like. yes. that is a good choice. So we splashed around, and decided that fountain breaks should be a mandatory part of every day.

the airbnb we were stayed at in Milan was probably the cutest, but I'm a sucker for midcentury modern furniture. and finally, we had the opportunity to see Da Vinci's Last Supper irl. We went in with a group of about 30, and had 15 minutes alone with those people and our guide to look and observe in reverence. That was one of the most beautiful experiences with art i've had. You have to buy tickets a few months in advance, and my mom luckily found some 2 weeks before we were there. anyway the church it's in/near is also really beautiful. so thats the pictures I have for you. In retrospect, I would have loved to have more time to explore Milan and the areas around it, but perhaps I'll have the opportunity someday in the future. Definitely enjoyed the few days we had there though.

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